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Customer Acquisition Specialist

I help golf courses acquire customers.



How It Works

I use a 3 step process to help you turn cold prospects into loyal customers:



  • Lead Generation

    An average marketer gets 1 in 5 website visitors to join their email list. A good marketer gets 3 in 5 website visitors to join their email list. If you get 3x as many leads for the same price, that is 3x more tee times you can potentially sell.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Acquiring customers is the hardest job for a modern day marketer. But when you know the deeper reasons why people play golf, selling becomes much easier. I am a member of the National Golf Foundation & study their intel daily.

  • Follow Up

    Successful companies credit about 60% of their sales volume to following up. That is why they say "the fortune is in the followup".  You have already paid to acquire a customer so why not double down? They are proven buyers, they trust you & they are more likely to buy then a new prospect.

What Makes Me Different

My goal is to help you double sales. I do that by optimizing every stage of the

funnel so your customer has a good experience while you double sales. 

Lead Generation

Your landing page determines how many prospects optin to your email list.

Customer Acquisition

Your sales page determines what percentage of prospects buy.

Follow Up

Your follow up strategies  determine how many additional sales you can make.

If you can double your results at each stage, you have the potential to 8x your sales... 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.  That is why I like to say that doubling your sales is realistic. The value of customer acquisition to your business, both in terms of cash flow & equity makes your investment in hiring me an exponential ROI.

Next Step

To learn more about my service, please schedule a discovery call with me by pressing the turquoise button below. This is a 15 minute call to see if my service is a good fit. Don't bring your credit card, there is nothing for sale.




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