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Leads x Sales x Margin x Frequency = Double


Business owners know that they need marketing.


What many don't know, is how to make marketing profitable.


There might be a million techniques, but there are only 3 fundamental ways to grow an enterprise: increase number of buyers, increase margin & increase frequency of purchase.

Jay Abraham 


And since marketing is involved in all 3 areas of business growth, let's adapt this business principle to marketing...


leads x sales x margin x frequency =

double your sales


If you double the number of leads you are getting, you have the potential to double your sales.


If you double the conversion rate from lead to customer, you have the potential to double your sales again.


If you double the number of products & services you offer, you have the potential to double your sales again.


If you double the amount of times you followup with each prospect, you have the potential to double your sales again.


Let's look at this numerically...


2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16


You have the potential to 16x your sales.


So if that is the potential, what is realistic?




Any business (with a good product/service) can double their sales by improving their marketing, using these principles.


The problem is...


Getting it done.


Who has the time to manage advertising, content creation, lead generation, customer acquisition, follow up, programming, tracking, testing, automation, customer service, human resources & so on?


So the tendency is to hire an agency to do it for you.


But then you realize that it's expensive and didn't go as planned.


So you delegate marketing to your team in-house... but then you have to learn marketing in order to teach them what to do.


Yet, you see your competition getting it done, so you know there is a way.


And I know the way.


And I am going to share it with you right now...

How To Use Marketing To Double Your Sales


First you have to understand the 80/20 principle...


80% of results come from 20% of efforts.


I think most business people get that.


But what I don't think they think about is the inverse relationship.


20% of results come from 80% of the efforts.


So if you had 100 tasks that need to get done in order to earn $100,000... then 80 of them generate $20,000 for you.


This means that 4/5th of your time & energy is spent on generating 20k.


What if you could cut that out?


What if you could earn $80,000 working only 8 hours per week.


And what if you used those 32 newfound hours and replaced them with high value hours?


You could make 5x as much with the same amount of effort.


Just doing that is going to make you more profitable... so you can afford professional marketing help.

Where To Start


Now, let's look at next steps.


Say there are 100 marketing activities that you recognize as important...


The first step is to identify the top 20.


These are the 20 marketing activities that are the most likely to make your market aware of your business & result in sales.


These are the 20% of marketing activities that produce 80% of your sales.


Now do that again & find your top 4% of marketing activities that contribute to 64% of your sales...


And now do it 1 more time, so you find your single greatest opportunity... the one that you believe could contribute to 50% of your sales.


Since your time, energy & cash is limited, you should start with your lowest hanging fruit... and then once you make that work, you can use the profit to build your 2nd system... and then use profit from #2, towards #3... and so on... until you double sales.


But I realize that researching all of the marketing opportunities is a time & energy drain. 


And how do you know that you have found the best opportunities?


And how do you know that your #1 pick was right?


I can help you with that...


I have been a full-time marketer for over a decade.


And I have been hanging with the DigitalMarketer community since 2014:

DigitalMarketer has invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests, generated tens of millions of unique visitors, sent well over a BILLION emails, and run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests. Their work has impacted over 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries.


Want to know their biggest secret?


Model success.


Which means that I know how modern companies like Google, Starbucks, Uber, Amazon & Apple are using marketing to grow their businesses.


I took what I learned from DM and applied it to an ecommerce company that was doing $6M/year. I was able to triple their optin rate... which means they got 3x as many leads for the same price.


With another client, I was able to turn his dead funnel into a self liquidating funnel... meaning that for every dollar he spent on ads, he got at least $1 back... another way of saying "free leads".


That was back in 2015.


Fast forward to 2019... DigitalMarketer has learned ALOT more... and so have I.


I want to give you the shortcut that I wish I had when I got started over a decade ago.


I have compiled a list of all the top marketing strategies that high-profit companies are using right now.


These strategies are used by big businesses, small businesses, local businesses, ecommerce businesses, coaches, Realtors, accountants, lawyers & every other business.


They are common sense strategies that you can use to benefit your business... so you can earn more, while working less.


All you have to do is pick 1-3 techniques and make your system profitable. Then do it again & again, until you have achieved your sales goals.


Having a list like this will save you dozens of hours... from trying to figure out which marketing strategies are hottest right now.


Click the button below for immediate access.